DIY: Jeweled Cardigan Clip

My tutorial for this sparkly, holiday-style jeweled DIY cardigan clip was featured in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Style Sample Magazine (see pg. 20!).  It’s super-easy to make – with just a glue gun, some sparkly buttons, and some trim scraps you too can make one in no time.

As the holidays approach, we’re all looking for that perfect accessory to elevate a blah outfit into FABulous; office-wear into party attire; the everyday into elegant.  And what better than a functional closure to your sweater (or jacket, or scarf) that can double as a statement brooch? Clip it on, bling it out – however you wear it, it’s sure to be the focal point of any outfit!

*stiff felt, cut into 2 circles (each about 1.5″ diameter)
*scrap of lacy ribbon
*assorted jeweled buttons
*2 shoe clips
*short length of chain (about 3″)
*Optional: 2 jump rings
*Optional: 2 brooch pinbacks

*glue gun & gluesticks
*needle &thread

1. Start by stitching the lace around the edge of each felt piece, in a spiral.  (Although you can use the hot glue for this, the stitches look neater.)

2. Hot-glue the buttons on top of the lace.

3. Turn each felt piece over, and hot-glue a shoe clip onto its back.  Keep in mind that in order to wear at the front of a jacket or cardigan, each clip has to open outwards, so make sure they face the right way before you glue them down.

4. Add the chain to the bottom of the felt pieces.  I attached it using jump rings, but if you like you can just use hot glue to affix it, hiding the ends underneath the lace.

5. Optional: If you’d like to wear this piece as a brooch, also glue a pinback to the back of each felt piece.

You can try a number of configurations, using ribbons, soutache braid, fancy trims, different chains, studs, vintage findings, or even stick-on jewels (form the scrapbooking section of the craft store!)  The sky’s the limit!

And make sure the very next time you rock it out – you tell everyone that you didn’t buy it…you DIY’d it!

I love how it looks like a little smiley face!  (Once you see can’t UNsee it!:-/)

And if you’re interested in the other features in this issue (like an interview with Project Runway Season 6 finalist Althea Harper and the how-to on making your own badge for your blog)…

Read the full issue online here

Thanks so much to Tamia and the team at Style Sample! I truly appreciate the inclusion and am honored to be a part of this great publication.

[And since they are the only magazine currently dedicated to bloggers and the art of style blogging, please help support this great publication by reading, contributing, or even purchasing the print version online. Thanks so much!]


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