Britney Spears’ Limited Edition Collection for Candie’s at Kohl’s

Britney Spears has kept somewhat of a low profile since all her media snafu’s in the last couple years – but now she’s designed a line for Candie’s (yes, purportedly designed), available exclusively at Kohls.

Check out her video below introducing the collection:

And the runway show of the pieces themselves:
What do you guys think of this?

For me – A) I have serious doubts that she actually designed the collection, and B) the collection in no way stands out from anything I’ve already seen on hundreds of shelves in retailers from Macy’s to Target to catalogs like MetroStyle and online stores like Ami Club Wear.  It looks pretty indistinguishable from the multitude of low-priced teen fashion that is out there – and nothing about it seems “special” or says “Britney” in any way.  (Though what does nowadays?)  Add to the fact that Brit’s signature style (if she ever had one) and iconic status has all but disappeared over the last decade’s debacle of media outbursts, family scandal, indecent public exposures, questionble mental capacity, marriage woes, and legal trials – and the fact that she is no longer thought of as a “fashion icon” at all – and it makes me wonder why Candie’s thought this a sound move.  I’m also wondering what the price point for these pieces will be.  Will they be a steal, manufactured offshore in China and Bangladesh?  Hmmm.

In any case, Britney looks healthy and confident – which is truly a great thing.

If you’re really, really interested in all this – you can get behind-the-scenes videos, more photos, and an interview with the photographer for the campaign here.

The limited edition collection of day and evening looks, handbags and jewelry, titled “Britney for Candie’s,” will be available at Kohl’s and starting July 1st, while products last.

Anyway – discuss!  I’d love to hear where you guys stand.

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