Book Release: Confusion to Clarity

I’m always on the lookout for a good self-help book…especially when I’m feeling out-of-sorts, lost, confused, and like I’m spinning my wheels.  (Happens alot, I assure you.)  Ann, a friend of my husband’s, is the sweetest person you could ever meet – a great listener – and a woman in her twenties with an astounding amount of depth and calm.  She’s released her first book which she calls “a real conversation about personal and spiritual growth.”

Confusion to Clarity: The Twentysomething’s Guide to Finding Your Calling ($12.95, empowers twentysomethings to uncover their identity, passion, and purpose… and move forward when they are at a crossroads. Full of true stories, factual research, and thought-provoking exercises, this book is a wonderful gift for any twentysomething (or even thirtysomething!) who is in transition. It’s also a valuable resource for Baby Boomers who want to be the best possible parents, mentors, and employers.

Ann Elizabeth Grace spent years of researching, interviewing Gen Y’ers, and writing about what she has lived and learned in her own struggles to define her path as a twenty-something.  She is a compassionate and supportive guide as she suggests exercises and ideas to awaken your thinking and help you realize your goals and find focus.  The book is “all about YOU the reader – discovering yourself, identifying what you want, and connecting with others as you turn your dreams into reality, one small step at a time.”

Learn more about the author at her website and check out her blog, which has uplifting articles and stories about being disciplined in your endeavors, finding peace and balance in personal relationships, and exploring your own creative potential.  It’s a lovely reminder of many of the things that we take for granted in this hectic, dog-eat-dog world.

Full disclosure: I know it’s a little strange for me to be writing about a book that is unrelated to fashion…or even writing about a book in general. Why? Ann interviewed Hub for the book about his experiences as a twenty-something getting married and having a child – and so the book mentions both him and myself in the chapter entitled “Having Children”!! So, if you see a familiar name in there….um, that’s referring to yours truly.  It’s a little strange to see my name in a book – but if our story can help anyone else out there in any way…that would be wonderful!  So glad to have had the opportunity to share – and for the record, getting married and having a child in any decade presents its own unique challenges, though I feel there are many more the younger you are given the nature of society and expectations (your own and others’) today.  My life choices do provide a certain amount of stability and dependability that I wouldn’t have otherwise – and has created an amazing strength in me I never knew I had.  It’s certainly still a trip!

Despite the fact that there’s a little about me in the book, I still found it a helpful resource – one I will turn to repeatedly for self-reflection and guidance.  If you have the inclination, please check it out!

Congratulations Ann – here’s to your utmost success!

-Carly J. Cais

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