30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 22

 Black-rimmed glasses: Tommy Hilfiger.  LS Black Tee: Forever 21.  Smock-dress made from 2 men’s shirts: handmade by me.  Ball rings: Claire’s.  Snaptape and vinyl belt: handmade by me. Charcoal Boots: Doc Martens. 

Day 22 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 22.  

Lil Tot finally seems about 70% better (the fever’s down though he’s still sniffling from allt he drainage from his sinuses), so he’s back to school.  And I’m rushing around trying to get done the million things I had to put off while taking care of him last week.

The dress is made from 2 men’s shirts following the instructions in the Japanese book Kakkoii Couture Remake. It was pretty easy, and I’ll have to file the method of making the neckline away in my bag of tricks, as it turned out surprisingly flattering.

I’ll be sharing the how-to on making a smock-style dress from 2 men’s shirts soon!

Yes, the glasses are real – they’re my distance glasses for driving and watching TV.  I always forget to wear them, though, and they’ve been gathering dust in a drawer for awhile.  Whenever I put them on it’s always a revelation how much I can see while wearing them, and how blind I am without.  And then I forget to put them on the next day.

The belt I made as part of a mini-collection to take with me to Fashion Week and sound out the possibilities of producing it as a line.  I found with this belt, unless I can source snap tape with the snaps off-set to the right of the tape by 3/4″ (or have the snap tape manufactured for me), it would be impossible to produce quality multiples of this piece.  The seam allowance on snap tape is just not enough for edging the belt, alas.  Plus I need belting vinyl as well, and I have no idea where to source that.  Ah well.

Hub said when I remove the belt I look like a pregnant art teacher in this dress.  Hmmmph.  It’s loose, easy-to-wear, and comfortable, so whatevs!  (I also think it would work great as a nightshirt.)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 21

 LS Tee: Petit Bateau
Draped Rose Chiffon Skirt: DIY
Studded Cuff: Target
2-finger Pyrite Ring and Spike Ring: handmade by me
Diamond-pattern pale blue tights: unknown
Suedette Tie Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless (2009)
Quilted Bag: indio (Japan)
Pierced Rose Brooch: DIY

Day 21 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 21.

Sunday at home recuperating from the long shoot from the day prior.  But I still wanted to take a couple DIY items for a spin – and put together an outfit in dreamy pastels.

When I first saw luv aj‘s pieces, I thought they were a wonderful solution to connecting large statement pieces onto ring bases without soldering.  Many jewelry artisans cannot solder (myself included).  Not being able to do this simple construction method (though goodness knows I’ve tried!) often limits the designs you can create, especially when it comes to rings (which usually need to be soldered together lest the stone pop right off the base).

But wire-wrapping is an ingenious solution to the problem of connecting the top to the ring, and completely eliminates the need for soldering!  I tested it out on a couple similar designs.  (The drawback is the rings are incredibly uncomfortable on the fingers.  I wonder if luv aj’s versions are easier to wear?)

This skirt I made from a curtain valance.  Yes, a curtain valance!! If you ever check out Goodwill (or any thrift store that sells home items), you can probably find some curtain valances that have chiffon overlays to them.  I was struck by how beautifully they were draped – so I bought the pair ($3.99) and made a skirt out of one.  When I draped it onto my body I found the waistband wouldn’t sit right, so I did have to make some darts at the waist…and sew a front-seam and hidden fly.  It’s not perfect – it’s DIY, after all!

But if you have any valances at home lying around, or spot any at the secondhand store – they really look lovely as a draped, twisted skirt – a style of skirt that is so popular now (just look at the recent collections of Alexander Wang, Burberry, and Celine, for example).

The Pierced Flower Corsage is so easy to make: just a silk flower from the craft store, with rings threaded through it, or grommets added and rings and ball beads through those.  I made two and thought the rose one went better with this outfit.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


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30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 20

 Fur-Hooded Army Coat: DIY.  Infinity Cashmere Scarf: Steve Madden.  Striped sweater: unknown.  Silver Wings Necklace: DIY.  The Diva Fit Trouser Jean: Old Navy.  I Love NY Tote: DIY.

Day 20 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 20.

Shoot day!  I’ve been working on props, graphic design, and production design for the pilot for this web series called SET THEORY (website should be up and running soon).  It’s been a hectic couple weeks, but I managed to pull it together for the shoot this Saturday.

It was awesome.  We were shooting at a farm and had a helicopter, Christmas cows, a couple of RVs, people in alien masks, and a flat that I dressed as a video store (okay, I had some help:-).  It was great to spend time with a bunch of creative people and remember how much I loved working on set for a shoot (I’ve worked in production on indie films and commercials, and in casting for some TV series before.)  It’s always a lot of work but super-fun!  You know when your nails end up completely grimy by the end of the day that you’ve done a good day’s work.;-)

So since we were in an open barn or partially outside for most of the shoot, and since it’s November in Oregon and I was out on a farm, I needed to dress appropriately.  The jacket I bought from Forever 21 while ago, and had been planning to add fur trim to the hood since I felt it was a little plain without.

Tutorial on adding fur trim to hoods coming soon!

I won’t show you the hat I was wearing (it’s a doggy face).  Or the shoes I was wearing (which were a pair of knockoff Uggs that got really dirty).

A tote bag made out of an “I LOVE NY” t-shirt.  It was so fast to make! 

The tutorial for this will be in the next issue of Cut Out + Keep’s “Snippets.”  Stay tuned!

The necklace I made from a pair of cheap wing earrings from Claire’s, adding them to a chain.  I always wanted a pair of angel wings necklace, but I had this really specific idea of what I wanted and I couldn’t find what I was looking for in stores…so I just made it.  Nails are alternating Maybelline Wet Shine in Juicy Tomato and a coral color from the 100yen shop in Japan that I don’t think I’ve EVER worn up until now.  I’m really liking these candy-style nails!!

I’m off to dress a set!

What I was in charge of on-set:

The video store set – starting off, it was just a black wall and counter.  (I wasn’t sure if it was okay to show the actress’s face in this photo or not…)

Plus the theatre background.  Again, it was just a plain wooden wall, and we added fire alarms, a curtain, wires, and some notes.  I also made the Shakespearean hat sitting on the stool.

I got to wear a luchador mask and push a broom as a Extra, too.

The helicopter was cool.

I can’t wait to see how they edit everything together…and how my Luchador janitor performance was!!


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30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 19

Square Nailhead-Embellished Cardigan: DIY.  Lacy Dress (worn as vest): DIY.  Tiffany-Style Silver Bean Pendant: handmade by me.  V-Neck T-shirt: Roxy.  Legwarmer leggings: My Honey Bee [Japan].  Pointy-Toe Pumps: Colin Stuart [Victoria’s Secret].  Silver Shoe Elastics: DIY.  Silver Pyramid Ring: unknown [Macy’s].  Brushed Silver Angular Ring: unknown [Pineapple County, Honolulu].

Day 19 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 19.

Falling behind again!
Today I was at home, finishing up the graphics, posters, and props for the shoot on Saturday.  I wanted to be comfortable but warm, considering the temperature is dropping fast around here.;-)

30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 19

I love the Elsa Peretti-designed Bean Necklace for Tiffany’s…but I am, above all, a cheapskate, so I made my own version.  Using Art Clay Silver was really fun and I was amazed at the versatility of it, though it was definitely a learning experience!  Real silver pieces that you first mold like clay…then fire with an open flame?  It sounds bizarre but once you try, you’ll be hooked!  (And if you’re a PolyClay junkie, you’ll probably love ACS too!)


I love layering lacy pieces under cardigans, sweaters, and jackets.  It adds a surprising level of warmth, and a dose of femininity.  This piece is actually a dress I found in Harajuku, and added a flounce of lace trim from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I hand-gathered it first with basting, and the machine-stitched it around the front opening of the dress.  You really can’t tell that the lace was not a part of the original!  (Which is the intention of DIY in a nutshell:-)


The cardigan I embellished with heat-set square nailheads from i-Kandi.com. The how-to is here.

I adore my legwarmer leggings!  I have never found any here in the US; I always have to go to Japan to find them.  This pair I have practically worn to pieces (which is what I did with my last pair).  They are so warm, and the legwarmer part at the calves really balances out my legs visually.  Love does not even begin to describe how I feel about these leggings!

I added some silver shoe elastics to play off the silver in the necklace, rings, and cardigan embellishment.  My DIY Shoe Elastics tutorial is here.

I’m feeling like Peppermint Patty with this hair.  Grow hair, GROW!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


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30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 18

 Chiffon-Inset Top: handmade by me.  Knit armwarmers: Claire’s.  Silver Geometric Necklace: handmade by me.  Two-finger rings: Forever 21.  Ripped Beanpole Jeans: Insight. Sia Wedge Booties; Alloy.com

Day 18 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 18.  Still at home while Lil Tot recuperates.

The top is an original design of mine – if I were to make more, the pattern definitely needs some tweaks, but I love that it’s businesslike but feminine at the same time.  It’s made of lightweight suiting with a chiffon inset at the waist.

The necklace I also made, following the tutorial here by ddlai from Fatlace, who was DIY’ing a necklace she saw at Eryn Birnie.  Made from a whole bunch of sterling silver beads from the bead store – super-fun and a very striking result.

Of course, it’s November, so I need some arm-warmers to brave the temperatures.;-)

I love these jeans – I just don’t wear them enough.  I won them in a giveaway from Ladylike x Fatlace last year.  The denim is incredibly high-quality and truly keeps its shape.

I hope everybody has some fantastic plans for the weekend!  Our shoot for the pilot for this new web series is on Saturday!!  (I’m doing set dressing and production design – and I made a Shakespearean hat!)


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