NEW Items in my Etsy Store! AND a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Coupon Code!

I’ve been super-busy (besides making Thanksgiving dinner, LOL!), and have also updated my Etsy with new variations of my popular faux fur accessories.


  • Two more colors of PUFFS
  • Two more options for CHARMS
  • GOLD hardware option for everything (except the “Choose Your Own” styles)
  • A smaller-sized TAIL (measuring in at 12″ long instead of the 15″ for my full-sized tails)
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR AND CHARM option for Puffs and both sizes of Tails.

AND!  To celebrate, I’m offering up a coupon code, valid from 11/24 through midnight PST on 11/28: Get 15% off your entire order from my Etsy store with code


Shop My Etsy

I’ve also got two more colors of faux fur coming in (though UPS is taking an extremely long time to deliver them to me…grrr…) so stay tuned for BLACK and CRIMSON tails and puffs in the near future!

Thanks so much!

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DIY Sparkly Geode Earrings

I finally finished a pair of earrings this weekend that I’ve been working on for so long…I had attempted making them numerous times before but just couldn’t seem to get them exactly right.

I’ve always been drawn to the rough imperfections in natural stones and crystals, far more so than anything ever cut or polished by humans.  Geodes are the perfect example of this: the jagged, rough crystals inside that are at once both perfectly symmetrical and so perfectly without order.

I surrounded two halves of a split geode crystal (technically a thunderegg, I guess) with black epoxy resin; then hand-set hematite-colored Swarovski crystals around the perimeters.  Pewter French hooks finish off the earrings.

Given their sparkliness, contours, and depth I found they were incredibly hard to photograph late in the day and on my own, in the mirror.  I’ll have to try when it’s nice and bright outside!

I’m also going to experiment with another pair, this time with Silver Shade Swarovskis around the geodes.  I just couldn’t decide whether the dark hematite gray or crystal-like Silver would look better!  There’s something I like about the smoky gray color glinting against the black resin, though.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


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DIY Friendship Bracelets for any Age

It was my best friend’s birthday this week and I had wanted to send her something I made.  Unfortunately it took me a lot longer than I had anticipated to make all the bracelets I had wanted to, so I ended up popping them in the mail a little after her birthday.

It’s been 20 or so years since I last made a friendship bracelet, and I remember back in the day only being able to make the kind with the diagonal stripes.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make the chevron, crossover, diamond-patterns, or Chinese staircase bracelets.  The bracelets I made back in the late 80’s were pretty horrible; too loose or too tight, bad colors, wayyy too short…  Now in 2011 there are tutorials all over the place and following one closely I finally was able to make a double diamond-patterned bracelet (the navy one above).

I was thrilled.

I also sewed in rhinestones and beads into my bracelets, and did wrap bracelets with bright embroidery floss and ball-chain and rhinestone chain, similar to what Honestly, WTF had posted on their blog a little while ago.

I figured that, no matter how old we get, sometimes something as both cheesy and iconic as the friendship bracelet can bring a little pop of color to an outfit – and a smile to one’s face.

Happy Birthday, J!!!

I hope she likes them.


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Finals Time for Me! What I’ve Been Working On…

I created this in record time, spending both yesterday and this morning doing it.  A 3-story Haunted House with a mummy and a Frankenstein to play with, 2 beds, a sofa, 2 ladders, an open chimney, and removable log fire.  The architecture is based off an existing piece, though I modified the shape of some of the furniture and the house structure.  Tracing, colors, details, characters, layout, printing, cutting out, and assembly all by me.  (Though some of the texture patterns were downloaded from the Internet.)

Hi everyone!

I’m slammed.

I have no less than FOUR final projects for my classes due this week (three due at 5:00 PM tomorrow, and the last one due at 5:00 PM on Tuesday).  Plus I just made a couple of portfolio pieces to apply for an internship.

I’ve had about four hours’ sleep for the last 3 nights – at 20 yrs old, no prob, but at 30, it’s rough!!  I feel like a zombie.;-)

So I’m probably not going to be able to blog about DIY stuff at any great length until after I hand in everything and can breathe a little easier.

Just to let you know – I’m still around and in front of the computer, though editing and animating and drawing like crazy and barely able to answer email/formspring questions/respond to comments etc.

Oh, and I also made a gun out of paper that shoots wadded-up tissues.  (It took a little longer than the house since there’s so many moving parts.)  It uses 2 rubber bands to sling an internal “bullet casing” forward and launch whatever’s sitting against it into the air (well, sort of towards the floor really).

My son really likes playing with the haunted house.

You’ve all been so kind in sending me your fabulous DIY projects – and I’ll be sharing them all in a big DIY Links of the Week coming soon.  Thanks so much for letting me know about your creativity!


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My Cross Jewelry Featured on Shout Out to You!

Yay!  I think this is the first time I’ve seen a photo of someone wearing one of the pieces I’ve made.  Joni looks absolutely beautiful, and I love the sweatpants combination with my cross rings!

On her right hand: Silver Itty Bitty Cross Ring.  On her left hand: Silver Sideways Cross Single Finger Ring (Silver is currently unavailable, but Gold Double-Finger Sideways Cross Rind and the Gold Single-Finger Sideways Cross Ring still are.)

Joni has a great sense of style and always looks so chic!  Check out her blog:

Shout-Out to You

Thanks, Joni, for featuring my rings!  I hope you like them!
(And if anyone else out there has posted photos of themselves on their blogs wearing any of my pieces from my Etsy shop…send them my way, and I’ll feature you here!;-)


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Dreaming of Brights for Spring 2011

Top row, from left: Rachel Roy, Ccharel, Jil Sander, Prada, Issa, Christian Dior.  Bottom Row, from left: Moschino, Mary Katrantzou, Stella McCartney.All photos from; array by me.

As the Spring/Summer 2011 runways have demonstrated, big, bold splashes of color and bright, clashing prints are going to be BIG trends for this coming season.

Jil Sander!  Dior! Moschino! Prada!

And street-style incorporating these bold colors is just so inspiring…

For the first time in my life, I’m swayed by these 80’s pops of bright…infusing an otherwise dreary winter (and my overwhelmingly gray wardrobe) with a little dose of happiness.

So I’ve been pulling out all the bright-and-bold fabric from my stash that I can find – which is almost nothing, needless to say…

From left to right: Photorealistic Lemon-Print Cotton (bought in Japan, 1998); Banana Leaf-Print Cotton (bought on St. John’s Island, Caribbean, 1989); Universe/Galaxy-Printed Organic Cotton Sateen and Silk Crepe de Chine (designed by me, just printed the samples earlier this month); Bottom: Cotton Twill Sofia Fabric (bought at Ikea)

The lemon fabric I made into a blouse back in 2000 or so; but I had to alter the collar a bit and so it’s been on my to-do pile for awhile.  The other fabrics I haven’t used at all…yet.

The expression on my face and the caption makes me cringe; but unfortunately I couldn’t find another photo of the finished blouse.  Circa 2007.
Strawberry-print dress and bag I designed and made back in 2000.  They’ve been sitting on my Fix-it Pile for awhile…since I realized the dress is way too Flamenco for my tastes and the bag is just silly.  But they’re bright!  And fruit-printed!  Photo circa 2001.

I rarely wear bright-colored clothing (accessories, no problem…but clothing I still struggle with).  I think I have a deep-seated negative association with wearing bright colors; something that was harped on as the antithesis of stylish and fashionable as I was growing up.  I feel the strongest physical revulsion at bright jade green, bright turquoise, and bright purple.  Especially the turquoise.

Yes, the idea of wearing these colors actually scares me.  Custom Pantone palette made at

Which is ironic because turquoise used to be my favorite color when I was a kid, probably from when I was 5 or so until I was around 12 or 13.

My brother and I in our front yard, circa 1986.  I was 8 – can you guess what my favorite color was??  Actually, you can probably guess what my brother’s favorite color was as well.;-)

This irrational negativity towards bright colors is a huge mental block I’ve had for years.

An outfit built around this much color is highly unusual for me.

Anyway, projects up next: a green-striped bias draped skirt, a pair of coral pleated trousers, a hot-pink linen swing skirt, a red galaxy-print silk shell, and a blue galaxy puff-skirt.  I’m not quite sure what to do with the banana leaf-print fabric from above just yet as I only have a little of it…maybe a bandeau bikini top?

How do you feel about this upcoming trend of brights?  Do you incorporate bright colors in your outfits – and if you don’t, why?


<this post was somehow lost in the migration to WordPress, and I re-uploaded it.  All comments on it made prior to February 8 have disappeared – sorry!>

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