Geode Slice Swarovski Crystal Earrings: handmade by me (similar here). White Embellished U Choker Necklace: DIY (tutorial here). Reversible 6-in-One Gossip Girl/Risto Bimbiloski-inspired Dress: handmade by me (see here for it worn frontways and inside-out), similar here. Box clutch: ? (a Goodwill find), similar here. Shark Tooth bangle: c/o PERSONA. Pamela Mann Studded Tights in Black/Silver: c/o MyTights.com. Silver Round-Toe Heels: Michael Kors (a Goodwill find), similar here.

5.29outfit_cu2Going out in the evening, which necessitated a little bit of much-needed dressing up, so I chose my favorite and ultimately versatile handmade reversible (front-to-back AND inside-out) Gossip Girl-inspired dress. It’s very simple and elegant, so it works for a variety of occasions. I wore it backwards for this evening, with the zipper in the back.5.29outfit_backMany couture items have elaborate beading or detailing on them, thus making them look expensive and “couture.” That look can totally be faked by adding on beaded embellishments in strategic places to very simple outfits, elevating the affordable into something unique and costly-looking. 5.29outfit_face3I simply took a hand-beaded choker I created awhile ago and affixed it to the collar of this dress with safety pins on the inside. 5.29outfit_collar5.29outfit_collar2When I made it I cut out felt in a bit more of a U shape (but on reflection now I feel I should have cut it in a wider oval so it would fit easily onto shirts as a collar). The collar necklace was fiddly to make at the time, but you can find similar beaded pieces from M&J Trimming [as trims or embellishments] or at H&M or Forever 21 [sold as necklaces]. I love things that have a double function!!5.29outfit_face2Just adding that to the dress goes a long way to zhuzh up something simple. Hence, “faux couture.”
5.29outfit_full15.29outfit_legsIt may be getting on into Summer, but it still feels like early Spring some days here in Portland (with the cold Spring rains showing up again unannounced here and there). Tights are a must for evenings – and I’m in love with these Pamela Mann studded ones: so pretty and chic, and the perfect addition for any upscale outfit.5.29outfit_face45.29outfit_face 5.29outfit_shoes5.29outfit_cu

5.29outfit_full3Hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day and are enjoying a great start to the week!




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