0.diyamorirsunglasses_introphotoMy eye fell upon this pair of gorgeous, over-the-top, beaded rhinestone cat-eye sunglasses in a recent issue of Marie Claire. Of course they were by A-Morir: a sunglasses company that’s been making waves on the music and fashion fronts with their opulent designer specs. diyamorirsunglasses_done6With a pair of cat-eye sunnies that Sunglass Warehouse so graciously sent me, I was able to craft up an embellished dupe of the Mitchel Neon Yellow Sunglasses ($350) for a fraction of the original’s cost. Here’s how:


cat-eye sunglasses with a wide frame (Sunglass Warehouse #8905)  /  1 yd small pink rhinestone chain  /  large neon beads  /  small neon beads (both of mine were Blue Moon Beads, found at Jo-Ann Fabrics)  /  Loctite Vinyl, Fabric, and Plastic Adhesive  /  wire cutters  /  small piece of foil  /  toothpick

How To:

diyamorirsunglasses_step1 1. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the foil, and use the toothpick to spread a tiny line of glue across the top of the sunglasses.

2. Press the rhinestone chain into the glue.

3. Trim the chain to the width of the sunglasses.

diyamorirsunglasses_step24. Spread a small amount of glue under the chain at one top edge. Press a large bead into it, holding until the glue sets.

diyamorirsunglasses_step35. Repeat for another large bead on either side of the first one, and for 3 smaller beads next to each large bead.

diyamorirsunglasses_step46. Repeat for the other side of the sunglasses.diyamorirsunglasses_step5

7. Spread a small line of glue around the top of the lenses below the beads and first chain, going to the other edge just inside the beads. Place the rhinestone chain into it, cutting it when it hits the other side.

diyamorirsunglasses_step68. Cut a small piece of rhinestone chain for the nose bridge, place a line of glue there, and glue it down.

9. Add a line of glue below one of the lenses, and glue the rhinestone chain to it, cutting when it reaches the nose bridge.

10. Repeat for the other side.


And you’re done! diyamorirsunglasses_done4  It’s kind of 50’s, totally too much, and the ultimate statement accessory! (Wear with a beehive for a little bit of retro fun.)diyamorirsunglasses_done2diyamorirsunglasses_done5Happy DIY’ing!





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