0.diyhalloween_introphotoHalloween’s TOMORROW (OMG!) and you may still be wondering what to wear. (For the record, it’s been dictated that I will be Splinter, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ rat trainer and Master of Ninjutsu…as dictated by Lil Tot, who is tickled at the idea of me playing second fiddle to his Leonardo. Teenage Mutant Turtle, that is…not Da Vinci. Who incidentally might be a pretty cool DIY Halloween costume for a guy using just a bandage, a brown tweed jacket, and some paintbrushes…but I digress.) If you’re freaking out about what to wear – try raiding your closet to become one of these inspiring (and fashionable!) ladies:

Anna Wintour (former Editor of American Vogue and current Artistic Director of Conde Nast)

diyhalloween_annawintour The grandmother of American fashion and symbol for generations of style personified, Anna Wintour’s classic look is easily made with a pair of oversized sunglasses, neutral coat with furry collar, and A-line dress.

You Need: large sunglasses, bob (or faux bob if your hair is longer), beaded choker necklace, neutral overcoat, furry scarf or collar, stiff A-line dress, black pantyhose, low-heeled nude sandals or brown knee boots, copy of Vogue magazine.

Sue Sylvester (character from TV series Glee)


That outspoken and terribly evil rival and the Glee club’s worst antagonist, Sue Sylvester is instantly recognizeable in her trademark tracksuit with accompanying bullhorn and stopwatch to keep everybody (cheerleading squad included) in line.

You Need: Striped tracksuit, white sneakers, stopwatch, white bullhorn (DIY from some rolled white cardboard, secured with tape). On the series she has appeared in a number of different-colored tracksuits, so any color you have is a go (or a quick Goodwill purchase).

Janelle Monae, award-winning singer/songwriter


With that trademark pompadour and borrowed-from-the-boys image, Janelle Monae’s stylish duds are easily re-creatable with just a tailored suit, bow-tie, and slicked hair.

You Need: Tailored white or black suit, tie, bow-tie, or black ribbon, rhinestone stud earrings, rat, sock, or donut to build a large pompadour on.

The Duchess of Cambridge, public figure


The whole world has watched as the Duchess of Cambridge has shot to fashionista status with her wardrobe of kicky prim dresses and coats, ever-present pantyhose, classic heels, and sweet little hats.

You Need: Flared coat-dress, opaque black hose, prim black heels, pillbox hat (cover a clean tub or can with felt or fabric for a last-minute DIY and pin in place). (optional: baby doll swaddled in a blanket)

Cher Horowitz (character from the movie Clueless)


This iconic character from the 90’s mainstay Clueless picked her wardrobe via computer to ensure ultimate matching. Don separates with a sassy mini-skirt, knee-socks, and a ton of shopping bags so you won’t let that jeep’s trunk space go to waste. As if!

You Need: Black blazer, white button-down, pleated miniskirt, white knee-socks, maryjane shoes, shopping bags.

Miss Piggy, character from Sesame Street and iconic figure


The original fashion-lover since the 70’s, Miss Piggy is best known for (besides her opinions) her bright pink wardrobe, opera-style white gloves, and classy long curly hair.

You Need: tight pink dress (or pink bathtowel), white elbow-length gloves, triangle ears on a headband (DIY your own with painting some cardboard triangles peach and taping to a headband), faux eyelashes, feather boa, pink eyeshadow, large rhinestone earrings, necklace, and bracelet, green stuffed frog (optional).

Happy DIY’ing – and Happy Halloween!


Photos sources: Anna Wintour, Sue Sylvester, Janelle Monae, Duchess of Cambridge, Cher Horowitz, Miss Piggy.


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