Every year on New Year’s Eve I republish a list of all my DIY’s that I shared on this blog during the past year.  This time around, I decided to do a Best Of list as well, to share some of my favorite content from this past year with you:


How Do You Maintain Your Life While Facing Stress? 5 Ways to Deal When It Seems You Just Can’t was a great post that offered tips for dealing with complete meltdowns and crazy stress (I’m sure we all experienced a little of that during the holiday season!)

DIY Watercolor Kitten Tee with DecoArt Ink Effects was a super-fun project with amazing, watercolor-style results.  Speaking of cats, the DIY Cute Cat Beret project was a way to use a 99-cent Goodwill pirate’s hat (found just after Halloween) and make it into a darling little beret and jump on the cat-themed bandwagon.

diychocobark_done2DIY Holiday Chocolate Bark: 4 Recipes to Gift Last-Minute can be made any time of the year, thank goodness!  That Tropical Coconut-Pineapple Macadamia Nut Bark was akin to ambrosia…and the Godiva-Inspired Caramel Cashew Bark is already a staple in my candy-making repertoire!  Also for the holidays, I made some DIY Glittery Ornament Napkins and some DIY Easy Pinned Sequin Ornaments.

In December I launched a bimonthly podcast about bringing creativity and craftiness to your daily life, called Creatively Chic.  You can listen to both episodes that have launched here.

I also partnered with Echoed.com to create a Stories area on my site (now located in the upper left-hand corner) where anyone can upload their DIYs!  Post your tutorial or your finished project to share with everyone – and create a link back to your site!  Vote, share, and comment on those stories to get a ton of inspiration and meet some other DIY’ers in the community!

Some of my favorite books (and accompanying reviews) from this year: Steal Like an Artist, DIY Couture, New Dress a Day, and Mod Podge Rocks!

instagramphotosweek1I got an iPhone for my birthday and joined Instagram!  Slowly becoming an addiction.  I also was featured as the first DIY Fashionista on Cut Out + Keep’s new series!  What an honor.

I designed some repeating Universe Prints on Spoonflower.com and ordered fabric swatches to test the prints.  I still have to sew them into something beautiful!


3 Reaons Why Your DIYs Are FAILS: The Spore Sweater Resurrected offers some tips for how to get past mistakes and failures when making your own things.  Plus there I shared my resurrected Spore PomPon Sweater…a project 8 months in the fixing!!

julianobisbutterflyI shared tons of DIY inspiration, including From the Archives, DIY Inspiration from Street Style Photos, DIY Ideas from New York Fashion Week S/S 2013, DIY Fashion Week Street Style, DIY Inspiration from J. Crew August 2012 Catalog, and DIY Ideas from Fashion Weeks Around the World for Autumn/Winter 2012, among many others.

DIY: Sequin Trompe L’Oeil Peter Pan Collar T-Shirt is a great way to jazz up a plain tee really quickly.

In 2012 we also traveled to Tucson, AZ, Timberline Lodge, OR, and Tokyo, Japan (part 1 of Japan photos here).  I was also able to go to the Japan Hobby Show 2012 while I was in Japan too, which was so inspiring.

5 Easy DIY’s Even a Beginner Can Master can get you started in making your own things, with easy, fun projects that are simple to start, simple to collect the tools and materials, and a snap to finish.

My son Lil Tot had so much fun making the Kiddie Craft: DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder from Parents Magazine.  It’s a great little project to do with any little one in your life!  (Or even for your own yard;-)

done4Now that Spring is on the way you may want to update your wardrobe with flowers, and this DIY Floral Applique Cardigan for Spring would be perfect.

If you have a spare curtain laying around (or find one at the thrift store), a DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt…Made From A Curtain! is a simple and quick project.

done2DIY Mixed Media Bib Necklace with Tulip Beads in a Bottle was another project I did playing around with a new material.  Tulip Beads in a Bottle is so fun!

So here is a comprehensive list of all my tutorials from 2012 (29 in all):



Sequin Trompe L’Oeil Peter Pan Collar T-Shirt

Watercolor Kitten T-Shirt

 Lace Maxi-Skirt from a Curtain

Floral Applique Cardigan

Upcycled Colorblock Chiffon Top


40’s Style Cute Kitty Beret

Preppy Initial Back-to-School Keychain Bag Charm

Tattoo Tights

Dolce & Gabbana Flowered Sunglasses

Jil Sander Gathered Removable Peplum

Skull-Printed Scarf


Mixed Media Bib Necklace

Rhinestone-Wrapped Neon Tasselled Earrings

Jumble Chain Choker Necklace with {styled} by Tori Spelling

Metal Collar Necklace

Bolo-Tie Style Necklace


Stenciled Convertible Tote/Backpack

Flowered Clutch Snackcessory

Shell Jewelry Case Clutch


Lace-Covered Boots

Luxury Jones Belt-Wrapped Cowboy Boots


Neon Sign Manicure

Acrylic Nails Sculpture

Half-Moon Manicure

Nails Inc. London Magnetic Manicure

Home Decor

Pinned Sequin Ball Ornaments

Glittery Christmas Ornament Napkins

Milk Carton Bird Feeder


Holiday Chocolate Bark: 4 Recipes


My DIY’s from 2011 (46 Tutorials)

My DIY’s from 2010 (63 Tutorials)


My DIY’s from 2009 (51 Tutorials)

(some of them may be missing photos b/c of my move to WordPress awhile ago – if you see any posts missing photos, please let me know! {Leave a comment on the post}  Thanks so much!)

2012 has been a great year for me…hope it has been just as wonderful for all of you!

So, as I raise my glass of sparkling grape juice, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!  May 2013 bring even more wonderful things for everyone~




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