There is this dress that I can’t wait for ModCloth to get back in stock…that I see in my dreams…

It’s a Wonderful Life Dress by Bernie Dexter, $155.99

Bernie Dexter has the most amazing photo-print dresses on ModCloth, but all around the same price point.  Somewhat of an investment.

….Alternatively, one could bypass the wait (and the cost) by ordering something like this fabric from Spoonflower (or getting your own favorite snowy cottage scene printed with them!).  I’d advise getting your print from them in cotton sateen, maybe about 2 yards (depending on your waist size and the way the pattern lies on the fabric).  This is also another lovely alternative photo print on Spoonflower.

Then just choose a coordinating fabric for the top of your dress from the fabric store, do a rub-off of a dress you own (or try using a retro-style pattern, like this one from BurdaStyle)…and there’s a perfectly beautiful photo-print retro dress…for a whole lot less.;-)

Stay chic~



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