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Ever wanted to get started making your own clothing and accessories, but not sure where to start?  Sure, some of the projects I post are pretty advanced, but there are plenty of easy projects that have maximum impact out there.  Here are a couple to start with and get your feet wet (or your hands dirty?;-) DIY’ing:

1. Painting Rhinestone Jewelry

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A nail polish brush is super-easy to use, and a tool most of us girls are already quite familiar with.  Using some bright nail polishes to paint over a crystal rhinestone necklace is a great way to get started customizing your jewelry.  You can even use brown and black Sharpies, like The Glamourai, spray paint like A Pair and A Spare, or dab the nail polish on with a sponge, like Youtuber AndreasChoice.  Genius, but oh so simple.

2. Studding

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Though studs can be a little hard to come by from your local sewing store (hint: try M&J Trimming or for all your studding needs!), they’re extremely easy to work with.  Just the addition of a few pyramid studs onto a jacket or a bag can create a totally new look for you in minutes flat.  If the material is soft enough, you can just push the stud’s prongs through by hand; if it’s thicker leather you might need to make holes (recommended: using an awl) first.  Don’t ever cut slits to match the shape of those prongs!  Small holes only, and when you push the stud in it will stretch out the fabric to the necessary shape.

3. Tie-Dyeing

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Though dip-dye or ombre-dyeing is currently very trendy, it can be a pain to accomplish, and difficult to accomplish well.  A technique that’s super-easy (and no-fail) is tie-dyeing, where you wrap your project with rubber bands and submerge in a hot dyebath.  Even easier?  Using Simply Spray’s Soft Fabric Paint to spray onto your project instead…no hot water, dyebath, mixing, or submerging necessary.

4. Iron-On Applique

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If you can wield an iron, you can do this!  Appliques strategically-placed on a piece of clothing or a bag can elevate a piece from ho-hum to whoa! very quickly.  Though the variety of appliques sold at sewing stores has improved slightly of late, choose wisely…lest you end up looking like an over-appliqued granny. (Hot-fix rhinestone designs are available too!)  You can also easily make your own applique by fusing Heat n Bond to the underside of a piece of fabric you want to stick on, like in my tutorial for a DIY Floral Applique Cardigan.  Or even iron-on details from plastic bags like at Filth Wizardry!

5. Bracelet Makeovers

DIY Shambala bracelet, from guest post by Make It and Fake It

Probably the reason why bracelet posts always go viral is that they are very easy and perfect for beginners.  Honestly, WTF is probably the queen of DIY bracelet tutorials, but you can also go old-school and make your own friendship bracelet from scratch with embroidery thread.  Or even buy pre-made friendship bracelets and go wild with the studding and decorating!

Happy DIY’ing everyone!



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