I am on so many catalog mailing lists just for the inspiration!  I love window-shopping more than anything: collecting ideas, re-mixing, thinking, “Hey, I could DIY that!”  Rather than actually shopping the products, I’m scouting for DIY inspo, and here are some ideas I’ve formulated from J. Crew’s latest catalog: (which, by the way, I always adore the styling of)

J. Crew Style Guide August 2012

Aw, this catalog starts off too easy.  Add white polka dots to a plain black clutch with acrylic paint.

Customize a pair of fabric ballet flats with dots of white fabric paint (like this DIY) and a red toe cap painted with Angelus leather paint.

Add a chain to an ankle-strap ballet flat, securing with a small piece of elastic hand-stitched to the toe box, to make a T-chain-strap flat.

Give a boring flat a makeover with a gold heel, by adding Gold Leafing.

Find a shapeless satin jacket at a thrift store, and alter into a short-sleeved fitted coat.  Wear with a beaded collar necklace.  (Like this ingenious DIY one!)

Add some color-blocking to some shoes with Angelus leather paint to create your very own spectator pumps.  (Plus a DIY leather tassel!)

You can create a faux snakeskin texture print onto a white pencil skirt using a cut sponge like in this DIY tutorial.  Accessorize with some matching bold gold cuffs (or just some metal blanks from Michael’s metal-working section).

Create a bold necklace with some oversized glass beads and string some costume jewelry brooches.

A polka-dot sweater is an easy DIY to try using Simply Spray Stencil Paint (it dries soft, like a screenprint!).

Add marine-style stripes to a sweater with masking tape and fabric paint, like in this tutorial.

Hand-sew tiny gold buttons to the sides of a boatneck shirt to jazz it up.  Add some colorblocking to your leather bag following my tutorial here.

Create an heirloom jewelry masterpiece by adding a collection of brooches onto a sturdy chain.  What better way to wear Grandma’s jewelry box?

A photo-realistic print skirt is a cinch if you print out your fave photo or illustration…and use DecoArt Ink Effects paint to apply the print.  (Like in my tutorial here!)

Leopard-print heels are an easy DIY with just a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and lots of dabbing.  (I also included this photo because I just love everything about this outfit!!)

Pretty up your daughter’s shoes (or your own, for that matter!) with a coating of glitter (like in my tutorial here), and add some neon laces for that extra punch.

Happy DIY’ing!


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