Well, it’s now been just over a week-and-a-half since I arrived in Tokyo to take care of my mother as she recuperates from her recent stroke.

I arrived late Wednesday evening April 4th, discharged my mother from the hospital Thursday morning, and went to stay with her in her apartment.  Hub and Lil Tot are staying with my in-laws in a different part of the city, and I’m able to see them every couple days or so briefly.
I am sleeping in my mother’s storage room. I am doing her shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and errands, as well as helping her up and down stairs and to and from the hospital.
This is her apartment building.
The cherry blossoms are in bloom here.
City workers sweep them up when too many collect on the ground.
But some petals collect in the open tulips below.

The stroke my mother had was a spinal stroke, which is an extremely rare type of stroke, but a mild one at that.  The prognosis is positive, and she has been able to get around somewhat on crutches, though one leg is still completely numb and the other one only has a little sensation – and only sensations of pain.  We’ve been going to the hospital twice a week for her physical therapy, and she’s made some progress, though it is slow.  She’s on a ton of medications and I have to be very careful with the food that I make because some foods can have some very nasty interactions with the medications she’s taking.  She’s also been practicing walking with the crutches in the hallways in her apartment building to gain some strength back in her legs.  We saw her neurologist Friday who was pleased with her progress, and she is now able to take a couple shuffling steps even without the crutches, so things are looking up.

Even the garbage is cute here.

     Yesterday she was able to walk to the nearby train station and back…normally a less-than-5-minute walk for someone without crutches.  It took awhile, but at least she was able to make it there and back.

Thank you so much to everybody who sent positive thoughts and kind words our way.  My mother has been reading all your comments and truly appreciates them!




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