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Dear Lovely Blog Readers,

Most of the time, I try to keep the majority of my personal life, sad events, and negativity, off this blog.

The daily reality of life is not fun, or chic, or even 100% awesome; much of the time it is itchy, annoying, depressing in its own ways.  But like many of us bloggers, I rally up and do my best to present my bast face to the world and provide you with fun DIYs!  Chic ideas!  Happy posts! despite what might be going on for me in my personal life at the same time.

But sometimes stuff that’s happening takes over my blogging abilities and I’m overwhelmed to the point of not being able to be Fun! Chic! or Happy! in the slightest.

So here’s what’s been going on with me:

Last weekend, my mother had a spinal stroke [an extremely rare type of stroke] and lost feeling from the arms down.

She’s been hospitalized in Tokyo, and thankfully her doctor believes it was a minor stroke and with medication and physical therapy she will regain use andsome  feeling in her legs (though it’s hard to say to what extent, though the dr. is positive).  She is being released this Thursday, and needs live-in home care for at least several weeks, and someone to take her to her physical therapy etc.

She lives alone in Tokyo, and the only family we have there are the relatives on my husband’s side of the family, and my cousin [my mom’s nephew)].  There really isn’t anyone to take care of her, and she can’t arrange a home health care worker at short notice.


Myself, Hub, and Lil Tot will go to Tokyo for a month, and I’ll live with my mom in her apartment and take care of her as she recuperates.  Hub and Lil Tot will stay with my husband’s family, and visit with the relatives, and try to have an enjoyable vacation while in Japan together.

I have been scrambling in the last couple days (because we only made plans to go on Friday) to book plane tickets, responding to an avalanche of email, return 1001 things to whatever stores I got them, stockpile tutorial photos, pack suitacses for 3 people, eat up the 2 weeks-worth-of-food that I had bought prior to finding out I had to go to Japan, withdraw from this semester’s classes at school, and generally try to take care of the million things that have to be taken care of before we leave in…oh, 9 hours.

As you can imagine, these past couple days have been full of worry and stress and general exhaustion, and I have not had an ounce of ability to blog about anything right now.

My mother sounds positive on the phone and has been able to take some steps with a walker, though has little strength or control in her legs.  We’re hoping for the best and that she will be able to gain mobility over the next month or so.

Though I am taking my computer with me to Japan, please understand if I am not able to update very frequently.

Edited to Add (4/5): Thanks so much to all of you who expressed your well-wishes to my mom and family.  We so appreciate the kindness!!:-)

Thank you~


P.S. If anyone is interested in writing a guest post while I’m abroad, I would welcome anything from another DIY’er who’d like to share an original DIY tutorial!  Please email me at carlyjcais at if you’re interested!  Thanks so much~


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