Again having to condense a couple weeks into one LOTW.  Time is just whizzing by, and there’s not enough hours in the day to check out all the great DIYs and ideas out there.  But first, some food for thought:found on Outsapop

DIY is just re-appropriation of ideas.  Sure there are firsts, but we won’t be the lasts – give credit where credit is due, and the world will pay you back tenfold.  Or so I believe.

Have you seen LookUnderHere‘s Youtube channel?  Some great DIYs in there like a turband, bandeau, and wired headwrap.  Definitely check it out!

Speaking of video DIY’ers, Secret Life of a Bio Nerd (of Threadbanger fame) is doing a giveaway!  You still have until May 21 to get your entry in.  Check out how to enter here.

MIchelle’s Style File posted a Color-Block Bracelet Tutorial.  Love the use of the lanyard hook as the closure!

img from Heart + Bleecker

The new luxury is the small wardrobe.  Fashionising remarks on the post-modern convergence of style + minimalism in the face of cheap excess.

Did I miss this? Awesome punky DIY Neon Rhinestone Necklace from Glitter n Glued.  Bright and super-fun.

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before!  StyleCaster‘s Hardcore DIY Statement Tassel Necklace is another take on the hardware necklace.  Super-creative, and check out everything in their Hardcore DIY series which will have you hurrying down to your nearest hardware store to fashion a new spin on your accessories.

I’ve just discovered the blog Syl and Sam and I’m in love with all their DIY’s!  Their amazing perforated leather skirt tutorial has me itching to whip out my leather punch!

Sara from Short of Something shared her own version of the elastic shoe-band (similar to my DIY Elastic Shoe Bands that I shared last year).  I love the chic ballerina feel hers has!Katarina from She sells sea shells made over a sweater with lovely leather patches.  The inclusion of leather updates the sweater for 2011 and gives it a modern Wang vibe.  (Alexander Wang, that is.;-)

Got an extra rug?  Or 4 of them? Make your own DIY Bodycon Dress like Geneva from A Pair and A Spare did.  It’s so colorful and summery!

If your project was featured above, feel free to grab a button and share the DIY!

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And since I’m not doing my DIY Roundups anymore, if you have a DIY project, tutorial, or creation that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts!



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