Lace Dress worn as Shirt: Rampage (thrifted at Goodwill)

Jumpsuit Romper from a Man’s Shirt: handmade by me (my tutorial is here)

Studded Skinny Belt: ? (from so long ago I forgot)

Perforated Leather Clutch: ? (thrifted at Goodwill)

Neutral Trouser Socks: Target

Vinyl Beige Platform Heels: (I can’t find this exact style anymore, but a really similar version they have is here)

Hair: curled with hot rollers and pinned into a faux bob


Well, it seemed from my last outfit post that some of you wanted to see more outfits.:-/  So here’s another one for ya!!

I had a video interview yesterday with the lovely and creative Alicia DiRago of Dismount Creative.  We talked DIY, creativity, projects…and had so much fun gabbing that I completely forgot to talk about what I was wearing. (!)  I know, as if I hadn’t talked about myself enough!

The weather’s suddenly turned rainy and cold again, and I’m really ready for it to be Summer!  Ugh.  So for my interview I wore my infamous handmade romper (made from a man’s shirt I thrifted), but underneath layered a lace dress that I bunched up underneath so that it would just function as a skirt.  Why leave your dresses in the closet when you can layer them? I reasoned.  Especially when the dresses are formfitting – you can wear them as separates under other items of clothing.  I was surprisingly warm despite the fact that I’m wearing something more appropriate for 70-degree weather…I find layering lace and mesh things really do keep one as warm as wearing cotton.

I should probably re-hem the shorts-part of the romper…but ohwell.

I tried my hair curly, and pulled it back in a ponytail for the interview, but wasn’t liking it too much.  I pinned it up later in a faux bob and like it much better!  I kind of just did it haphazardly, but if you’re interested in how to do your hair in a faux bob, …love, Maegan shared her great tutorial here.

Playing around with the white balance settings on the camera…

I’ve been hankering after a pair of neutral vinyl platform pumps for awhile…I’ve been seeing them all over the place for sale but after rigorous comparison shopping found the cheapest pair to be from (only $22!).  They’re excellent quality, too…and I’m really happy with the purchase!  The heels are super-skinny, and unfortunately while we were shooting photos I saw that the heels had left imprints on my brand-new laminate flooring.  *sigh*

I did my nails with Sephora by O.P.I. Nail Color in “Slushied”, with French manicure tips in OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot, but it chipped really quickly.:-(

In the video interview I had also clipped my DIY cardigan clip (the version with the bows and chains that I made for Style Sample magazine for their Nov/Dec 2010 issue) to the collar; I removed that later.

Who’s ready for the weekend? I have so much homework to do for my classes it’s not even funny!  (And I probably shouldn’t be procrastinating by posting..erp.)

I can’t wait for the video interview to post!  So excited…



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