Major computer dump.  If I haven’t credited your photo, please let me know; half of these I’ve forgotten where I saw them.

Here’s some major DIY inspiration for ya…just wish there were more hours in the day to do it all..


Credits, to the best of my knowledge: unknown, Tokyo Streets, unknown, Benjmin Shun shoes, unknown, WhoWhatWear, unknown, camilla norrback skirt, Candace Ang necklace, JakandJil, unknown, Giuseppe Zanotti (from, Daphne Guinness, unknown, unknown, MishaMarket, unknown, unknown,, Etsy, unknown, Malene Birger lookbook, zipper jeans from, mummy leggings from Kingdom of Style,,, Vava by Joy Han bustier cup dress from, unknown, Tahti Syrjala, sliced shirt dress from,, unknown, unknown, Norwegian Wood,, Vince brushstrokes dress (, Jay Alexander’s Project Runway finale collection gaiters, pirate coat from

Let me know if I’ve used your photo and you want a linkback, or want me to remove it!  Thanks~


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