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Happy Birthday to me!  (Though I have to stop counting the years soon, lest I feel too old…;-)  Age is only a number!

I’ve spent the day doing nothing!  Well, not really – merely chipping away at my mega-sized must-get-done-before Christmas list etc.  I made 4 pop-up cards this morning.  Well, I designed them all in Illustrator, then printed them out, cut them out, assembled them, wrote the addresses in my best calligraphy, and sent them off.

I have a blister on my thumb from all that cutting.

And finished up yet another batch of my double chocolate peppermint bark (which broke in half when I cut it up), and made some itty bitty chocolate trees for Lil Tot’s class.  Now it’s downstairs for me, to finish up the last 9 of my Japanese New Year’s greeting cards (to be sent to the relatives in Japan), then to bundle up the chocolates to bring to Lil Tot’s school tomorrow, and hopefully sort out the Xmas presents and stocking stuffers I have squirrelled away in the closet…and maybe, just maybe, tackle my email inbox.  (1100 messages, yikes!)

But I have no regrets – it’s a good a day as any other!!

What did you do for your last birthday?  Was it fun, relaxing, a wild birthday bash?  Do tell!


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