Plastic Headband: Goody.  Gunmetal Wing Earrings: maurice’s.  Leather-Collar Blouse: DIY.  Pearl-Row 2-Finger Ring: Forever 21.  Flower Ring and Twisted Branch Ring: unknown; from mocha in Tokyo.  Pink Croco-Embossed Belt: Claire’s…?   Gathered Paperbag-Waist Skirt: DIY.  Reversible Black to Gray Tights: Hue.  Chain-Handled Quilted Purse: Delia’s.  Wrap-Around Spats-Heels: Qojelly.

Sorry for the horribly-lit photos in my kitchen; it’s raining cats and dogs out there now.

It is now Day 8 of my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 8.

If you’re just joining us today, this is my 30-day challenge to myself: to wear a heretofore forgotten outfit from the recesses of my closet, never wearing any outfit twice, and always incorporating something I’ve made or DIY’ed into the ensemble.  It’s really helped reawaken my passion for a lot of the clothing I never wear on a regular basis – and helped me begin to clear out many things in my closet that I just don’t need.  And it’s helped to break me out of the fashion rut I’ve been feeling I’ve been in as of late.

If this sounds like something you might be interested, please join in – for a few days, a week, or a month!  Let me know in the comments if you are and I’ll post a link to your blog or site.

Today it’s an outfit that is a shout-out to my fellow DIY enthusiast, Geneva from A Pair and A Spare.  (Recent fabulous Guest Blogger for Chic Steals as well, with her Celine-inspired Leather Pocket Blazer.  Give it a try if you get the chance!)  I shared my tutorial for turning a too-big thrift store skirt into a paperbag-waist skirt on her blog in a guest post here.  And since I’ve been following her blog for awhile, all of her thrifty refashions using leather applique have really caught my eye!  I just had to make her Leather Collar Shirt DIY.  I thought it went well with the skirt.

The leather collar turned out really well, even though it’s just glued on!!

I’m feeling this bag is a little twee for me right now.  Ah well, one last hurrah before I get rid of it!!;-)

But these shoes I don’t think I could ever get rid of.  They’re just too cute with their built-in ruffly spats!!  From Qojelly (from the Hotel55 Boutique at LaForet Harajuku).  The brand changed its name last year to romar quee, which I still can’t learn to like.  (Qojelly was the sister brand of Jelly Garcia, which also changed its name to The Dress & Co.  What’s up with changing the brand name from a really cool one to a really boring one?  *sigh*)

I felt ladylike and prim today:-)

Joining me in the Challenge lately has been Riechan from  Riechanster and Katarina from She sells sea shells.  Please check out both their blogs to see how they wore some forgotten outfits from their own closets!

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