Projects I’m working on.

Currently, I’m working on a ton of things, and they’ve all been at various stages of completion for awhile.  I was pretty busy this week with stuff from Lil Tot’s school, job-searching, and general organization, so I’ve been putting these projects off.

From top, counterclockwise: vinyl Goth-style Bunny Bag still in pieces, bronzed leaf head garland, silky polka-dot scallop shorts, Tiny Crosses Necklace and Dangle Cross Earrings for my Etsy shop (haven’t photographed or listed yet), DIY Vita Fede ring that doesn’t look as nice as I’d like.  I’m not sure whether to deem it a FAIL and scrap it, or forge on.  Anyway.

I also didn’t end up posting a DIY Roundup this week for a couple reasons: one, I just didn’t get to it, and two, the number of submissions for my DIY Roundups is slowly tapering off.

This makes me think that it’s not something that you guys want to read about here – so I’d like to hear what you really think of it!

Thanks so much!


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