I Love your blog and your creativity! I love it when you post scans of VIVI MAGAZINE! How can I get my hands on some more of these!?

Thanks so much!

I love Vivi too – perhaps a little too much;-) Unfortunately I can’t find any site that posts the contents of the entire magazine (like in a reader or something), but you can always check out your local Asian bookstore. Kinokuniya has a number of stores in the United States (the U.S. website is here: if you want to check locations), but I also can’t seem to locate any periodicals being sold on their site online. You can buy copies of Vivi on Ebay if you have no Japanese bookstores near you – but whatever you do, DON’T buy through – the shipping takes 6 weeks and is ridiculously expensive since they fulfill through 3rd-party sellers. There also might be some other sites (like online bookstores) that might sell it, though you’d have to check with them.

I always check out Vivi’s homepage at every month, so I can see if it’s worth going down to my local Kinokuniya and buying the issue. Sometimes the homepage gives me enough of a fix that I don’t feel like ponying up the $12 to buy the next issue! The annoying thing is, Vivi comes out 5-6 weeks ahead in Japan (so the Sept. issue came out July 26!!), and the Kinokuniya bookstores only stock the issues around the 15th of the month prior, so you have to wait a lot longer in the States to get your issue and get a jump on the trends.

I’ll try to post some more scans in the future since you seem so interested!
Thanks for your question!



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