so what happened to meg, corrine and rob. they got fired? you never told us what happened. the new threadbanger is boring.
Sorry – I thought I answered that here:

Rob left to work on his own stuff awhile ago. I don’t know the specifics of Meg’s and Corinne’s interactions with the higher-ups at Next New Networks; all I know is that Lee and I got emails saying they would no longer be working for Threadbanger and neither of us needed to blog anymore for the TB blog since we wouldn’t be getting paid for it. That was it; no clarification, no response to my repeated emails and offers to continue to the blog regardless of pay. (Which I never received for all the blog posts I had done up until then anyway.)

Thus I cannot confirm or deny any rumors or conjecture as to what happened to them or why they left – you’d have to ask them directly about that.



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