On formspring.me a reader asked what my 3 favorite earrings are.  Well here they are!  (Sorry I deleted the question by mistake when I went to post it to Blogger.:-(

These are usually the three that I reach for regardless of what outfit I’m wearing.

The oversized rhinestone earrings (from Forever21; no longer sold but a very similar pair here) I wear when I want to go crazy over-the-top glam…and they look surprisingly fun paired with an old t-shirt and jeans.  Plus, for a really formal event (not like I have many to go to!) they’re perfect with an LBD for some retro glam.

The large hoops are light as a feather and I love the tiny star detail at the back.  They’re for when I want to be a little more dressed up but more classic.  (bought in Japan)

The small gold hoops are a recent purchase in Tokyo (LaForet Harjuku though I also found them in another store along Takeshita street there) – I really love secure-post small hoops in gold since I don’t have to take them out in the shower and can sleep with them in, and they still look chic and dressed-up with a number of different outfits.  I love the subtle studding on the surface.  Alas, I found that they have too much nickel in them for my sensitive ears – and the post is a bit too thick, so I’m still debating what to do.  After wearing them for 3 days straight I got a massive infection in my right ear that took more than a week to clear up. *sigh*  Sorry, maybe that’s a bit TMI!

I also tend not to wear earrings that much, since while my hair is short I wear it covering my ears a lot, and it seems kind of pointless to put in earrings when they can’t be seen anyway…

What earrings do you gravitate to?  Hoops, studs, sparklies?
Thanks for your question!


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