Hey I wondered if you could help me with making one of these “bralets”, do you know how to make a pettern for them?*1rseLJIAKirKx55a0ARHDEJCLVDBdi8fpp9Gn0zIw37Jm5Vb-jsk5K1bz/bralet.jpg
Probably the easiest way to make a pattern for one of these is to make a rub off pattern of a bra you already have that has similarly-placed and shaped cups as the bustier (if you can’t find a similar bustier to rub off) . Hook the bra back together using the hooks you normal use to close it when you rub off the pattern for the body piece. Then you have to cut that body piece into both front and back (creating side seams and adding seam allowance). Then simply extend the body piece of the pattern downwards about 3″ or so (perhaps using a tight-fitting corseted dress you may already have as a guide for the angling of the seams?) You will also have to cut boning seams for front and back body pieces (again adding seam allowance). And finally, cut the front body piece in the center and add fold-under and seam allowance to create that zipper closure. You may also have to eliminate excess at the bottom of the piece by further angling your boning seams. Again, if you have a tight-fitting corseted dress (especially one with boning seams already in it), creating the fit of the front will be a lot easier than making the pattern from scratch.

You may also be able to find a pattern from a fashion-forward pattern company like Vogue Patterns (Vogue Misses’ V8288 has a similar neckline, or even use just the top of a corseted dress pattern for your bustier. Or a vintage corset pattern! Or you could buy a corseted dress/top from somewhere like Forever21 or H&M to use as your pattern base. Or even a real piece of corset lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood!

If you are interested in sewing your own lingerie (and making patterns for it), I’d highly recommend the book Sewing Lingerie That Fits (Karen Morris, 2001). It has some easy projects for beginners that you can also customize to create something as involved as this bralette.

Hope that helps and good luck!


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