It’s been a pretty awful week.

Our cat Muffin (the one I like to call the Spawn of Satan but in reality I am somewhat fond of her), has gone missing and the past four days have seen me plastering the neighborhood in posters, handing out fliers, walking the nearest 5 miles calling her name until I am hoarse, driving the back roads nearby multiple times, inspecting all manner of roadkill I see, posting on numerous online lost pet boards, calling local shelters (did you know shelters in my county CHARGE a person dropping off a cat $10 and won’t accept a found cat unless they’re paid????!), updating her microchip registration, and wading through thigh-deep fields and brambles searching for a cat that when curled up is smaller than your average rock.  Of course (since I used to do volunteer work rescuing feral and abused cats when we lived in Hawaii) I am envisioning all the worst-case scenarios, have barely slept since she disappeared, and am jumping out of my skin every time the phone rings, or rushing outside every time I hear the smallest noise.

I’ve been ignoring all unrelated emails and neglecting this blog and can barely even think about fashion-y stuff or DIY right now.

I’m really sorry – I don’t mean to let you guys down or anything; I’m still here…just otherwise preoccupied.

Muffin, if you’re reading this, please come home!!  I’ll even give you a whole wad of nice tissues to munch on, promise!!


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