Hello everyone!  As you may have noticed, there have been a couple things I’ve implemented here that I just wanted to let you know about…

1. Custom Domain

Yeah, I bit the bullet and bought a hosting plan.  Blogger is soooooo much cheaper than GoDaddy!!  Anyway, chicsteals.blogspot.com now redirects to www.chic-steals.com.  No worries, you don’t have to update your links or your feeds; they all should work fine.  But if you’d like to in order to save the hassle of redirection, feel free!  (And my Alexa rank is thus messed up for a time.  C’est la vie:-(

2. Total site redesign and no more Blogger search bar

To those of you who’ve said you like it, thank you!  It’s taking me little tweaks here and there, and mistakes galore, but it’s getting there.  If the site looks especially weird, please let me know what browser you’re using and I’ll see if I can fix it.  I’ve also gotten rid of the Blogger-hosted search bar at the top and relocated it to the right sidebar, but most searches turn up with no results.  (Google-powered, my bum.  More like powered by a single hamster on a rusty old wheel.)  So if you’re looking for something, the Labels links are in the lower left sidebar, or maybe Google it from Google’s home page with “Chic Steals” in the keywords.  So sorry but I have no idea what they’re feeding those hamsters over at Google and why this isn’t working properly – I’ve filled out the spreadsheet with Blogger, who say that’s the official way to bring it to Google’s attention.  See rant-filled thread here if you’re interested in other users who are having the same problem.)

3. Chic Steals Facebook Page

I’ve also officially created a Facebook page for Chic Steals and I’d love to have your “Like” vote.  Please join me there if you enjoying FB’ing!  (And please feel free to post your own projects, thoughts, videos, etc.)

4. DIY Blogs Linky-Links

On the left-hand sidebar.  If you have a blog that features a lot of DIY tutorials and I haven’t included it in the links, let me know and I’ll add it in there!

5. Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunitites

If you are an entrepreneur, sell on Etsy, have an online store, want to purchase advertising space, or want to donate product, coupons, or giveaways to Chic Steals, please drop me a lineMy rates are affordable and small business-friendly.

6. Upcoming Contest

So many of you responded to my survey last month that you wanted a DIY contest.  Well, it’s in the works!  I’m currently reaching out to online businesses to provide the prizes – so if you would like to donate a prize and get great exposure for your site, a contest such as this would be a wonderful opportunity.  Please email me and let me know!

Well, that’s about it!  Also, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter and read my random musings you can do so here.

Thank you for your readership, and if there’s more stuff you’d like to see, please leave it in the comments!


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