You guys have probably seen this already, but there is an in-depth series on “Dumbing Down American Design” on EcoSalon.

In a special four-part Dumbing Down American Design miniseries, EcoSalon takes a closer look at American design and considers different perspectives from leaders in the design and fashion world.
Has our quest for convenience forever altered fashion?
If we are to invest in sustainable design, doesn’t it start with the designer knowing something about fit? The pattern maker knowing something about quality pattern making? The retailer knowing something about which clothes to purchase based on construction versus fad? And ultimately, as consumers driving demand, what is our responsibility?

Over the next four weeks, we’ll provide insight into these questions.

Click below to read the series if you are interested in this topic:

Dumbing Down American Design, Part 1

Part 4 not yet posted…

And though this is not about American design per se and more about the manufacturing business in general (at least for wholesalers in the UK), there is a rather sensationalist series called “Blood, Sweat, and T-Shirts” that aired on British television awhile back. In this reality television series, six Brits visit Delhi and Hariana, working at a clothing workshop that sews pieces for undisclosed “high street brands,” and picking cotton in the fields for the textile mills.  It’s The Real World meets the real world…of fashion.  See what these priveleged, unskilled, ethnocentric, drama-queen twentysomethings deal with in another country, working on Indian terms to bring cheap fashion overseas to Western consumers: (Warning: NSFW language… and I’m sorry but I can’t find the series without the subtitles, and I can’t find any more than 5 eps…please let me know if you know where to find the rest of this series!)

So – thoughts?  Please share your reactions in the comments!

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