Right hand, from thumb to pinky: Maybelline Express Finish in La La Lime (limited edition – I haven’t found it online anywhere), China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, Essie Chinchilly, Essie Ballet Slippers, Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in Wet Cement.

I was messing around at the Ulta store yesterday (with a long list stuffed in my greasy paw that I made after reading the spectacular nail polish blog All Lacquered Up– an hour of so of browsing fueled my desire for some new nail polish).  I tried on this color, I tried on that color – and by the time I was done I had a multi-hued hand in a pleasing variety of sorbet tones.  So rather than take it all off I just painted the other hand to match.

The grey nailpolish I DIY’d last year smells like a chemical explosion when I take off the lid, and the colors continue to separate.  Not to self: next time, only mix the same BRANDS of nail polish!  (I mixed Sally Hansen and Rimmel, which probably accounts for the reeking toxic smell.)  So I had to find a new gray nail polish – and couldn’t decide between Chinchilly and Wet Cement!

Multi-hued nails are in (at least in my corner of the universe) for Summer!



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