I’m back!  (Kind of.)

Thank you, all of you, for helping me out by responding to that poll I posted regarding the content here.  (Almost a full fifth of my followers responded!!)  Thanks to your invaluable feedback, I’ve begun re-tool (insert Beavis & Butthead-y laugh here*) this site and the content for you guys.  Hopefully I’ll get back on track soon, with a site RE-DESIGN and a PLAN.

I’ve come down with cold #4 in the meantime.

So I’ve really tried to rest, sleeping about 16 hours for three days in a row.

Not on my computer, to tell the truth.
I’ve stayed away from my computer, as much as possible.

I’ve had my doctor test for a whole bunch of stuff.

And, of course, have come up with a big, fat, ZERO.

But since I’m finally on the mend and the bronchitis and the cold are getting better, I figured I should lay off the tests and just see what happens.

So I’m tentatively returning to the online world, but trying to keep it limited.

I’ve also launched my own personal webpage (www.carlyjcais.com) as a general portal to everything that I do, including Chic Steals.  (So you may have to click through that page first to get to this blog, which may have surprised some of you a little.)

I’m also putting together my animation/illustration/art blog from my main site above (under the /blog heading once I get my FTP protocol set right), so I can finally have an online portfolio for unrelated-to-fashion-art stuff.

And for Threadbanger my Tuesday tutorials are only going to be every other week, and in-between I’ll be doing DIY round-ups or something similar for them.  But I’ll still be doing tutes here, so don’t worry!  And there hopefully will be a lot more cool stuff on the way….

So thanks for sticking with me, guys and gals!


Okay, you caught me.  I find cats cute and amusing.
(photos from Icanhascheezburger.com, wowfailblog.com, good-times.webshots.com, images.clipart.com, blogtown.portlandmercury.com)


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