We all hear the same tired skin care tips year in and year out. You know the ones…“moisturize daily” and “drink plenty of water.” Effective? Yes. Interesting? No. Here are some WEIRD ways to care for yourself that actually work:

1. I’ll have the Bird Poop Please: Based on a traditional skin care secret practiced by the beautiful Geisha of Japan, this facial combines powdered nightingale droppings (generally sanitized using ultraviolet light technology) and delicate Japanese rice bran. This unique mix both exfoliates and lightens dark areas of the face. This facial is known as the “Geisha facial,” and it is showing up as a new offering at many day spas.

2. Extra Ssssspecial Scalp Care: If your scalp is “shedding” and dandruff is an issue, try a scalp massage with Solid Snake Oil Shampoo. The natural blend of oils heals dandruff quickly while making hair buttery soft and shiny. (no oil was extracted from snakes in the making of this shampoo, LOL)

3. Put on SPF 285: When outside, shielding skin from damaging UV rays is vital to combat anti-aging. But what about when at home working or playing near your windows? Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, professionally installed Panorama window film will protect your skin from 99% of the most damaging UV Rays.

4. Pretty in Pink The old tried and true go-to belly fix, Pepto-Bismol, makes a fantastic face-tightening mask. Slather it on with a facial sponge and let it dry. Then remove with warm water. Skin will feel moisturized and tighter immediately. As an added benefit, this mask can also help cold sores heal faster.

5. Knock Your Socks Off! With sandal season around the corner, now is the time to fix those dry, cracked heels and feet. After showering at night, smear Vaseline all over feet especially on the heel area. Don’t be shy! You’ll need to use a lot for it to really work. Next, pull on a pair of thin white socks and hit the sack. When you wake up in the morning remove socks and be thrilled at how soft and beach-ready your feet are.

tips courtesy of Panorama Window Film

And…a couple of my own weird yet wildly EFFECTIVE beauty tips:

6. Super-dry cuticles and nails that won’t grow?  Before you go to bed each night, massage cuticles with Neosporin.  Within only a few days, not only will your cuticles be healed…but amazingly, your nails will be significantly longer than without the massaging.  Make it a nightly habit, and in 3 weeks you’ll be astounded at how fast your nails have grown!  (And how strong they are:-)  [The Neosporin aids in quick cell turnover, healing, and regeneration, and the massage stimulates bloodflow to the cuticle bed.]


7. Spoon me  After a cry and your eyes are puffy, nothing, I repeat nothing feels as good as two spoons on the eyes that have been chilled in the refrigerator (or freezer, for faster chilling).  It brings the puffiness and redness down right away, with none of that concern of Preparation H getting into and irritating your eyes [a commonly-recommended remedy for under-eye bags].

8. Black Licorice Chew black licorice pieces when canker sores pop up.  Studies have shown that licorice extract has been proven to aid in the healing of canker sores in the mouth.  (from Health Magazine)

Do you guys have any weird but effective tried-and-true beauty tips?

images from womansdays.com, usa.lush.com, Panoramafilm.com, drugstore.com, oneida.com, istockphoto.com, amazon.com



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