Hmmm…that’s a toughie. I’ve seen a couple for sale already thru Victoria’s Secret and Alloy…but it seems there are far less than the huge number of styles that there were last year. Everything seems to be a bit less angry, black, and studded, IMHO. On the runways for S/S there were few, if any, gladiators – designers mostly favored suede, canvas, or strappy sandals in different shapes, and in nudes or light metallics (Chloe, Calvin Klein), as well as clear vinyl (with acrylic heels a la Prada). Then of course you still have Givenchy, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Roberto Cavalli who are keeping the black studded sandal alive and well.:-) There were also a lot of natural-colored skins (snake, lizard), and T-strap shapes…few sandals that extended up above the ankle. See Coutorture’s post on the newest items hitting the shelves here ( for some comparison! My vote?

Gladiators = OUT (for the most part) for Summer 2010. You can still get away with wearing yours from last year though…now that they’re not a HUGE trend like they were in ’09, you’ll look more like you’re defining your own style and sticking to something you like rather than hopping on the trend bandwagon.

Hope that helps! Thanks for your question:-)


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