From the website:
Designer, visionary, artist, Rad Hourani reinvented fashion by transcending its conventions, creating a unisex luxury that is changing women’s and men’s wardrobes since he launched his namesake label in 2007 in Paris. He follows no gender, no season, no rules, epitomising the very modern values of freedom, passion and unisex elegance.

RAD by Rad Hourani is a complementary unisex collection to the main label, and is recasting the same silhouettes in more casual cuts and fluid materials. Launched in 2009 in New York, the aseasonal collection consists of light and wearable basics in shades of black, white, grey and midnight blue. Classic styles include one size unisex top/dress with suspender straps, bold prints or dress/top/veste sheer paneling, zip straps pants/jeans, and drapey cardigans, embodied in long, layered silhouettes, razor-sharp tailoring, and simple and geometric yet intricately detailed pieces.

With prices ranging from $170 to $390, this diffusion line is just as cool but far more affordable than Hourani’s eponymous line.  Buy online here.

And just because I love it, I’d also like to share with you images of the Rad Hourani A/W 2010 Unisex collection:

I’d argue that maybe the tights and liquid-look bike shorts on the men are not exactly unisex, but everything else is utterly covetable.  I just want to drape myself in black, cocoon-like layers, like some insect shedding skin after successive skin.

Think Forever21 will ever do some knockoffs of this??

And would rad be too pedestrian a description for this anti-social chicness?


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