Akris printed dress, $1990. A rarely-seen print from Akris. I love how it looks like an abstract image of some technology-related graphic.

So the Saks catalog arrived the other day (I had had a gift card to Saks a little while ago and so, when I used, it, I ended up on one of their mailing lists…which is fine with me cuz I love browsing through catalogs! It gives me ideas to make myself!) – and I wanted to share with you a couple images that have me all a-drool.

MAXMARA ruffle-front blouse, $350. These aren’t ruffles so much as origami-style pleats. I love what a fresh take this is on the standard crisp white blouse! Perhaps I’ll DIY a thrift-store find…or maybe cough up the $350 if I get desperate.;-) MAXMARA Printed pencil skirt, $475. The print is abstract and chic – and totally do-able with your own fabric paints and a brush!

Marc Jacobs Cheetah-print Trench Coat, $498, and Pointelle Cotton Top with bows, $138. Leopard is everywhere, no kidding! I love that this top uses bows over buttons (snaps) as closure detail – so sweet! (And so DIY-able!:-)

Jimmy Choo Saks Exclusive Leather Bag with Snake Metal Detail, $1295. Kind of sinister yet high-brow at the same time.

You can view (and shop, if you are so inclined!) the entire catalog online here. Whether you shop for Spring items or pieces to update your winter wardrobe (or gourmet food gifts – a new development at Saks! With mini truffle cheeseburgers, caviar, artisan chocolates, and lobster tails available), enter code HOLIDAY9 to get free shipping, and get a free gift box with red ribbon at checkout.

-Carly J. Cais


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