Being not really one of gingham’s biggest fans, I can safely safe I’m not falling all over myself about this collection. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love Christopher Kane, and his scallop-edged dresses and gorilla-print dress (that I’m currently working on a DIY for!) from previous seasons were gorgeous and to die for. (DIY for?)

But gingham’s a difficult print to work with, especially with such a large-scale check print, and the leg slits don’t lend any sophistication to the pieces. I applaud his use of an unconventional fabric and his inclusion of his signature mesh paneling in the dresses – it’s nice to see consistency from collection to collection. But gingham is an unconventional fabric simply because of how it conjures up images from “down home on the farm” and it’s difficult to make it look sophisticated and chic, though CK definitely tried his best with these dresses. They just look overworked – too much detail, too much piping, flowers that were probably beautiful close-up but in the photos look like a collection of worms, slits too high and too revealing- all of which doesn’t downplay the cheesiness of the tablecloth-like print.

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Photos: Marcio Madeira,


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