Featured Here, There, and Everywhere!

Gosh, this has been circulating the internet in a couple places. I’m so thrilled to be featured on some of my favorite sites!




Two readers who made their own versions:

Rachel A. from Parkavesweatshop sewed up the above one – she made the top longer to pull down if she so wanted or to scrunch it up higher. The longer length looks great!

Amanda V. used this super-cute plaid print and made a smaller, more ruffly-ruffle at the center front.

I’ve been so inspired by Amanda’s version I’m working on another step-by-step tutorial, this time for a fitted bustier-style dress from a men’s plaid shirt. Thanks ladies – for trying this out and posting your results – they look beautiful!
If anyone else tried this out and made a dress – please share! Thank you everyone for the mention – and, as always, Happy DIY’ing!


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