Alright, so shoot me…I love Forever21. Sure, their clothing and jewelry is cheaply constructed and will fall apart quickly, but when it comes to staying on top of the trends (and producing low-priced knockoffs) they’re the US’s answer to the UK’s ASOS. (ASOS is better-designed and a little more fashion-forward, IMHO, but F21 is the closest we’ve got stateside.) Is it just me, or does the necklace above remind you a teensy little bit of that House of Harlow black geometric necklace? (below)

(Edit 4/19/11: Actually, the Forever 21 necklace is a knockoff inspired by a necklace by Amrita Singh.  Touche.)

And…another cheap affordable accessories destination…with their version of that Fiona Paxton beaded chained elastic thingy necklace as seen on Hilary Duff (and if you already saw this in May 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan, I’m so sorry – it just took me awhile to get on the bandwagon).

[I’m going to DIY mine and add on a whole bunch of spangles and mirrored bugle beads so it looks more like the original version and not just a strip of elastic.]

What do you all think? Original Necklaces vs. Knockoffs: Chic or Cheap?


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