Still in Tokyo, still shopping til I’m dropping…

Having a great time, trying as hard as I can not to gain weight on all the ymmu food… (That word was supposed to be “yummy” but I thought ymmu looked so much better….)

So – opinions please!! I already bought a fabulous wedge bootie with multiple buckles and zippers for Fall…will post photos once back in Oregonia… but am still hankering after a shoe that shows some skin.

Which do you guys think is better? (To wear after tights once the weather cools down, sans for right now.) Don’t consider walkability – beauty is pain!


The choice is:


These studded lovelies, a knockoff of ones seen on Diane Kruger at some event somewhere sometime…

Or these cutout black booties? 

Which would you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xoxxo from Tokyo


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