I covet. Again. Many, many nice things. Here’s what I’m lusting after right now:

1. An image from the Alice + Olivia Fall 2009 Collection, just hitting Singer 22. I am in love with every piece of clothing on the model. Unfortunately the only thing that’s available as of yet is the Oversized V-Neck Tee with Chain Belt, $154, Singer22.com. Mmmmm, I’d like….4?
2. Alloy Saddle Up Bag ($39.90) in Mint.
3. Wide Metallic Elastic Necklace, $34.99, Girlprops.com. A decent Fiona Paxton lookalike – and you can even add beading/sequins as you so desire.
4. Alice + Olivia Front Sequin Cascade Sleeveless Cardigan in Gray, $300, Singer22.com.
5. Vince Brushstroke Dress, available only at select Saks. I saw this in person, and the fabric looked lightweight and wrinkly…given that it’s Vince, the pricetag probably won’t be worth it. I’m thinking DIY!
6. Cheap Monday Tight Jean in Painted White, $50, Karmaloop.com.
7. Han Cholo Moving Stone Ring in Black, $54.00, Karmaloop.com.
8. Wet Seal Mutli-Pearl Drop Necklace, $9.90, WetSeal.com.
9. Zara boot (img from Karen-wheredidugetthat.blogspot.com). I’ll be hitting up the Harajuku store while I’m there to see if they carry it, and if they don’t (or, more likely, if it’s completely unaffordable), I’ll just DIY it. I’m thinking the 9b. Alloy Ashley Boot in Taupe Suede ($44.90), coupled with 2 skinny studded belts from somewhere (I’m surprised HotTopic doesn’t have them, but still…somewhere’s gotta!). It’ll probably end a pretty good lookalike, and the price will most certainly be better.
10. Sam Edelman boots, currently going for $500-$799 on Ebay. A girl can dream, right? Maybe I’ll snag a pair at one of these stores where apparently it will be sold for about $250 this August. *sigh*


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