I always love to see what other bloggers/fashion mavens out there have on their wish lists. It’s inspirational to me and really introduces me to a lot of brands I may not hear about otherwise. Here’s my list, for those who care.

(from left: Studded Necklush from Urban Outfitters, Wet Seal Side-cut leggings)

And there’s more, after the jump…

(from left: 12-point star shoe clips found on Outsapop, Jacqueline Sanchez Diamond ForeverYoung Ring No. 2 from Shanalogic.com, Watermelon Barette from GoldilocksBarrettes on Etsy.com)

(from left: fabulous suspender-back jacket from EKO-LAB, Studded Jacket DIY from FourEyedFun, Pleasure Principle Multi-Option Dress found on childhood flames (okay, so I’m unoriginal), Litter‘s shoe chains (love love loving the top pair))

(from left: Queen Michelle’s drapery pull necklace from Kingdom of Style, Fringed Necklace from Kristin (BLEACHBLACK)’s tutorial on LuckyMag.com, Fiona Paxton Beaded Necklace, $288 (note to self: must find way of DIY’ing this without having to sew every little bitty bead on there else it will make me crazy), Candace Ang Ruffled Necklace…DIY tutorial here)

DIY Elastic Bralette from DustyDress

(from left: Horsehead Dress from EKO-LAB, DIY Ombre Jeans from Nelliina (DIY ombre post forthcoming from me on FashionTribes.com!), Satin Badge from Etsy.com (I think))

(from left: Bronx Shoes…drooooool. Why oh why don’t you sell these in the U.S.??? (only the tall beige cutout boots are available for a mere $175 from Amazon.com); photo from Nelliina, Marc Jacobs Zipper Bow Cuff (I’ll be adding the DIY tutorial to my site once I’m done editing the step-by-step photos); photo from Vogue mag cover scan)


(from left: Gypsy05 Lola Long Sleeve in Black/Cream….$93, KrishaBana Triple Spike Earrings from Karmaloop.com)

I’m planning tons and tons of DIY’s for all this since either the real thing is no longer available or is not affordable for me right now!

The items above that are still available on their respective sites I’ve linked to directly; most aren’t anymore, so I just linked to the site homepage. Most of these are images from my compu
ter, so if I haven’t credited you properly, it’s more the fault of my memory than anything intentional. Let me know and I’ll fix the link!
Thank you!
-Carly J. Cais


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