Vintage pineapple-fiber jacket, RIVETED (my own line) dress, Old Navy belt, department store no-name bag, American Apparel tights in Golden Poppy, Payless boots.

It’s beautiful here in Portland, and apparently we’re going to have sunshine for the next 8 days straight. Ick. I try to spurn the sun as much as possible, feeling that my vampirish-pallor necessitates it. [I burn within minutes or break out in an attractive rash under the sun…or applied to heat…light…emotion…wool…yup, just about anything one can be applied to. Fall is my favorite time of the year.] Meanwhile my garden is going nuts and so I’ve been out and about, trying to control the lush jungle that has sprung up around me. Not so much time for blogging.

But, in honor of the continuous sunshine, I thought to post this – an outfit I wore when Hub and I went out for our 5-yr. anniversary to the Portland restaurant Beast. (Yup, it’s been that long, and yup, it was super-yummy.)

The jacket is vintage…my mother’s mother bought the fabric in the Philippines in the 1950’s or so, and had it made into a jacket-and-evening gown combo. The fabric is made of pineapple fibers (!), dyed to this obnoxious yellow, and has this shimmery look to it. The dye ended up taking in subtle vertical striations (isn’t that a nice word?) and gradations of light to bright yellow. It feels like soft seatbelts to the touch. My mother wore the set to her graduation sometime in the late 60’s…and ended up spilling sauce down the front of the gown; a nice brown stain. I am still trying to figure out how to salvage the gown, and though the jacket is completely the wrong size for me, I still thought it sunshiny and fun.

The dress I made as a sample for my now-defunct line RIVETED‘s Holiday 2007 Collection…it never went into production and that was the last season I produced before I ran out of funds.:-(

Boots are Payless from a couple years ago. Hot pink, slouchy, suede-y…what’s not to love???

If I look tired in the photos – I am…I was about a week and a half into my allergic reaction-pneumonitis-bronchitis trifecta saga that I got the day before going to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding.

I am currently vigorously applying myself to Gossip Girl Season 1 courtesy of Netflix…I feel it requires my attention.

-Carly J. Cais


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