How many of you have heard of Athleta? It’s a catalog for swimwear and clothing for the female sports enthusiast. For some reason I ended up on their mailing list, and receive a catalog every so often. I find this amusing since even my fat, lazy cat is more athletic than I am. Athleta carries a rather typical range of yoga wear, rashguards, UPF-rated tops, swimsuits, cover-ups, and board shorts. But every catalog there’s these little details incorporated into some of the swim pieces that I think are just fantastic. I never really think of swimwear of innovative (and maybe this stuff looks totally run-of-the-mill to other people), but some of the back shapes feel fresh and unique. Totally inspirational – especially since bodycon and bondage-style pieces are so in right now, and I’m thinking DIY…on a tight little LBD with strategically-placed cutouts. One thinks even my cat Muffin might approve??

-Carly J. Cais


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