Designer Lizzie Parker’s line was inspired by French film, with a little 80’s bohemian twist to it. She wanted to create something flattering for a variety of different body types, above all creating a well-crafted garment that anyone could wear. She always wears her pieces first to work out all the kinks in them before sending them out to be produced, creating each piece herself. Using only sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, and organic bamboo jersey (one of the first to be certified organic (Sept. 2008), she created a line of fluid, drapey pieces in blacks, creams, and hot pinks. All of her manufacturing she conducts in Seattle (where she is based) in order to reduce her carbon footprint. She currently has a mini-boutique inside Tweed (a Seattle ladeis’ clothing boutique), and often works in the store in order to interact with her customers directly and keep the dialogue open between consumer and designer. Her clothing appeals to the confidant, fashion-forward consumer, who enjoys funky, but comfortable pieces. For more information on Lizzie Parker, visit the website here.

-Carly J. Cais


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